About us

The Delton Group is a leading international service provider of Technical Recruitment, Training and Competency Assurance, Technical Publications and Consultancy services to the Worldwide Energy Industry.

Over the years acquisitions, mergers and the incorporation of new companies has led to the formation of The Delton Group of Companies.

This has succeeded in bringing together many years of management experience in the provision of Worldwide Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and related project support services.

The Delton Group management team of professionals, with extensive background, experience and expertise within the Oil and Gas Industry, is ready to meet the ever-changing requirements of its clients worldwide.

This is done using the latest technology and a team of the most experienced staff in the industry.

The Delton Group has successfully placed thousands of oil and gas professionals and completed hundreds of Technical Training, Competence and Consultancy projects for its diverse customer portfolio, including many of the world’s leading integrated, independent and national oil & gas companies, for over 35 years.

Our services

Contract personnel selection and recruitment

Delton’s “Contract Manpower” Support Services has for many years and in many locations provided it’s clients with a wide range of technical skills to ensure long term efficiency of their facilities. Delton’s specialist personnel have worked throughout Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, West Africa, North Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Direct hire personnel selection and recruitment

Delton’s “Direct Hire” Personnel Selection Services are designed to save clients time and money whilst retaining a personal, confidential and professional service. Delton’s comprehensive and regularly updated database enables a swift response to requests, and the ability to submit candidates quickly.

Training services and project management

The Delton Group’s Training division has a wealth of experience in conducting overseas training projects, providing well qualified instructor and training management personnel and managing clients training facilities world-wide.

Competency Assurance

The Delton Group provide Competency Solutions for Ensuring Compliance and Improving Business Performance. Today’s technologically driven working environment, requires organisations to demonstrate a transparent commitment to internationally regulated safety and efficiency standards. 

Technical documentation and publications


Delton provide clients with technical authoring expertise to develop instructional operation, maintenance and safety manuals from that of modifying existing materials for inclusion of new equipment or procedures, to the developing of new manuals for new process or production facilities. The criteria for quality and accuracy of data being based upon close liaison with both vendor and client at all stages of development.


Specific training manuals can be developed for a client to form their own:

  • Standalone Training Programmes or augment existing programmes
  • Company library reference materials
  • Company devised training standards and trade test criteria
  • Basis for extended training programmes conducted by third parties


The concept of the training master file is to:

  • Provide a guide for skilled personnel who have limited training experience to conduct training sessions
  • Standardise the level and repeatability of training
  • The master files can be developed using a company’s existing training manuals as a template, or be originated from new to suit a client’s specific requirements.

Project lifecycle support

Delton provide full project lifecycle support to all their projects, making sure the client is fully satisfied with the services until the project is signed off and completed. We listed to client needs, our highly experienced project managers understand every step in the process to make a project successful, delivering on time results within agreed budgets.

Project management

Delton Project Managers work with clients to ensure that projects are completed on time and meet all the key performance indicators agreed at the project conception.

Technical consultancy services

Delton Consultants work extensively throughout all sectors of the “Energy” industry’s “Core Business” activities. Delton provides to its “clients”, a wide range of multi-disciplined teams of professional Management and Technical Consultants, who provide the required support for the development and successful implementation of the appropriate tools for the following activities in order to deliver performance improvements.

Our Clients

Workplace Competency Assessment services