Competence and Training

The leading providers of Technical Training, Competency Assurance and related Consultancy services to the Worldwide Energy Industry.

The Delton Group is one of the leading providers of Technical Training, Competency Assurance and related Consultancy services to the Worldwide Energy Industry.

Through Delton Training Services Limited, it provides world-class training programmes, through Consultant personnel who are appropriately qualified and with extensive global experience within the Oil & Gas industry

Services include:
  • Design, implementation and maintenance of Competency Assurance Management Systems (CAMS)
  • Auditing and Quality Assurance/ Internal Verification support for competence assurance systems, with advice on continuous improvement methods.
  • Provision of training for assessors and internal verifiers, aligned with internationally recognised and accredited industry standards
  • Front-line coaching, advice and guidance for internal verifiers and assessors following an initial training programme
  • Advice on portfolio building, including modern paper-free E-portfolio systems
  • How to achieve internationally recognised and accredited competency assessor and quality assurance/internal verifier qualifications
  • Design of competence-based development programmes, applied to Nationalisation programmes
  • Job Competency Audit conducted against recognised industry standards
  • Advice on the introduction and implementation of international vocational qualifications (IVQs) for IOC technicians and supervisors

Delton Training Services is a fully approved and accredited Assessment Centre through the UK Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).  SQA, who work very closely with OPITO and the North Sea Oil Industry, is the accreditation body that Delton partners with as the Awarding Organisation


Competency assurance is both a structured and disciplined process whereby an organisation’s Operations, Maintenance and support personnel attain the required knowledge and skills (competencies), to operate and maintain the facilities in a safe and effective manner.

A Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS) ensures that personnel are competent to carry out Safety Critical Tasks and Safety Critical Roles, to approved Company standards.


Delton Training can draw upon an extensive team of qualified CAMS Assessors and Quality Assurance/Internal Verifiers, in addition to those currently engaged on projects.  These specialists comprise European/Western nationalities, non-European including Asian, Arabic and North American nationalities.

Our database of CAMS Consultants numbers over 280 qualified Assessors, with 20% accredited to Internal Verifier level or higher, comprising 15 nationalities and spanning the four principle trade-disciplines of  operations, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, including Project Managers.

Delton Training will be pleased to provide a sample of CV’s of qualified specialists upon request.