Assessor Training



There is a regulatory requirement  for organisations to engage competent staff, with the necessary skills and knowledge, to be able to undertake safety critical tasks (SCT), in order to prevent major incidents and/or minimise the consequences of an incident/accident

During this Course, the attendees will learn what is expected of them, as Workplace Assessors, the key steps in the assessment process and the skills required to become an effective Assessor

The attendees will be involved in activities to help them:

  • Prepare to Assess
  • Plan Assessments
  • Assess candidate performance & knowledge
  • Confirm progression and achievement

Course activities will include:

  • Introduction to Competency
  • Direct and indirect Competence Assessment
  • Indirect Assessment (e.g. Discussions)
  • Defining the assessment process
  • Generating evidence quality
  • Types and use of questions
  • Communication Skills
  • Assessment Case Studies
  • Knowledge examination/questionnaire
  • Building a Portfolio of Evidence
  • The assessment decision


The Course  duration and content will be agreed between the client and Delton, based on the desired outcomes required of the client and the background, previous experience and needs of the attendees.

The course is delivered in workshop format with group discussion, attendee interaction, case studies and individual work.

Following the initial classroom delivery of the theory, the attendees will take part in simulated assessment exercises and case studies, similar to those that they will eventually encounter back in their workplace.

In order to gain the qualification, the assessors will be required to show evidence that they have assessed a minimum of two candidates, each on two separate  tasks (four assessments in total), using in-company approved Standards or those provided by an Awarding/Standard setting Body, such as the UK SQA, City & Guilds (CGLI) or other Internationally approved Standards Body.

The attendees performance will be assessed by the Course Tutor, who will act as their Assessor.

Subsequent  planning and conducting of assessments (achieving the required total of four assessments), will be the responsibility of the trainee assessor attendees, supported by Delton on a remote basis, via their portfolio.


This qualification is suitable for those who already assess, or who will assess the Competence of personnel in the workplace, using a wide range of assessment  methods, both direct and Indirect, within a formal  Competency based Management System (CMS).

It is also aimed at front line managers, supervisors and team leaders, who may manage the Company CMS, or be otherwise involved including existing assessors, or in a training role


  • The knowledge that underpins the Principles & Practices of Assessment
  • The Methodology of Assessment
  • How to effectively and correctly assess competence in the workplace


By the end of the workshop attendees will receive an attendance certificate from Delton.

For Accredited Courses, on completing the qualification requirements, duly signed off and approved by Delton’s Assesor and QA Verifier, will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out assessments using direct and Indirect methods and will gain the L&D9DI Assess Workplace Competence Using Direct & Indirect Methods qualification.

This qualification replaces the D32/33 and A1/A2 Qualification series.

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