Materials Management

A quality material master data helps in eliminating hidden costs and improve profits within the organization. Without clean, standardized and enriched data, industries cannot realise the full value of their business potential. If the materials portray differently, inadequately or incorrectly in the material master, it will create negative impact on the organization. If the material master has poor descriptions, there is a chance of creating downtime, creation of duplicate materials and users procure materials outside the system. The result is, rise in inventory and substantial increase in equipment downtime.

A well-defined process of data cleansing and materials standardization can tackle the task of cleaning the unstructured data from the material master and identifying potential and redundant materials from the material master.

Delton has developed a proprietary tool for comprehensive Material Cataloguing solution to catalogue MRO items as per international standards

The Delton Material Cataloguing Process has the following benefits;

  • Precise materials data along with appropriate buying which results in Effective procurement
  • Elimination of Material Duplicates and Inventory reduction
  • Standardization of Material Master Data
  • Identification and removal of obsolete materials
  • Increased equipment availability