Internal Verifier Training



The Course will help those Internal Verifiers Involved in monitoring the assessment Process and it will help them to maintain and Improve the Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

The activities and delivery will include:

  • The Internal Verification Process
  • Preparing to carry out IQA
  • Planning IQA
  • Planned Monitoring of IQA
  • Providing Assessor Feedback, advice and support to improve assessment practice
  • How to meet appropriate external Quality Assurance requirements

The  IQA Verifier Course candidates will be required to carry out monitoring activities defined in their organisations QA Procedures and in accordance with external QA Standards.

Their knowledge gained on the Course will be assessed via discussions and Knowledge Tests.


The Course/Workshop will be essentially Interactive, with case studies and slide presentations covering:

  • Quality Assurance and how it connects to internal verification
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Compliance, Legislation of Practice, policies and procedures
  • Principles and Practices of IQA
  • Preparation and Planning IQA Verification
  • Performing Planned Monitoring of IQA Standardisation
  • External Quality Assurance
  • Building a Portfolio of Evidence

By the end of the Course/Workshop delegates will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) Verification activities and be able to explain:

  • Why IQA is needed
  • The Concepts and Principles of IQA
  • The fours steps of IQA, prepare, plan, monitoring, giving feedback to improve performance
  • What is Standardisation
  • What is meant by ‘External QA’


The internal quality assurance (IQA) qualification is for Internal Verifiers (IV’s) operating within an organisation where internal quality assurance of the assessment process is monitored within a Company Competence Management System (CMS).

This qualification is for IV’s monitoring the assessment processes within an organisation, helping to maintain and improve the quality of workplace assessment. The internal quality assurance process being conducted by the internal Verifier candidate may be for work-based qualifications or  in-Company standards


  • The requirements & responsibilities of the  Internal Verifier in meeting Awarding Body & Accreditation Standards
  • The Principles & Practices of Internally Monitoring the Quality of Workplace assessment
  • How to correctly  and effectively internally assure the quality of assessment in the  workplace



Delton Training Services offer this qualification (Internally Monitor and Maintain The Quality of Workplace

Assessments (L&D11)  remotely or by a 2 day workshop followed by remote portfolio building through to certification.

The course can be offered as a certified  qualification awarded by SQA or a non-accredited course with an attendance certificate issued by Delton as an SQA Approved Centre.

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