Competency Solutions

The Delton Group provide Competency Solutions for Ensuring Compliance and Improving Business Performance.

Today’s technologically driven working environment, requires organisations to demonstrate a transparent commitment to internationally regulated safety and efficiency standards.

Specific areas to be addressed and assured include:

  • Maintain ‘License to Operate’
  • Satisfy Insurer Requirements
  • Ensure compliance with Industry Standards of Efficiency and Integrity
  • Satisfy Statutory requirements for HSSE Systems and Process Safety
  • Maintain Process Safety Competency Barriers
  • Risk Management Procedures

By establishing ‘Standards of Performance’ and ‘Competence for Safety Critical Positions and Tasks,’ we help empower you to deliver ‘Operations Excellence’

Delton Consultants will partner with you to provide accredited and certificated solutions to satisfy the regulatory and safety standards bodies. Our approach is tailored to address these needs.

Let us conduct a Competency Assessment Study throughout your organisation and we will:

  • Analyse the results and develop, implement and support a bespoke Competency Management System (CMS) for all skill groups.
  • Assess, train, mentor and certificate your organisation’s personnel.
  • Provide improvements to your Competency Standard.
  • Assist you to develop your internal Assessor Team capability Develop and/or improve your existing Company Risk Management Strategies.