Direct Hire and Headhunting

Delton’s “Direct Hire” Personnel Selection Services are designed to save clients time and money whilst retaining a personal, confidential and professional service. Delton’s comprehensive and regularly updated database of long term staff personnel enables a swift response to requests, and the ability to submit candidates quickly.

Delton offers a fully comprehensive, global resourcing and selection service complete with its own database of candidates who only want to move from one permanent role to another.


Upon receipt of a firm recruitment request from a client for personnel, or a request for additional personnel for an existing project currently managed by a “Delton Group” company on behalf of its client, the following procedures are followed:

1. A fully detailed “Electronic Recruitment Request Form” is generated for each position, clearly outlining all of the most relevant requirements of the assignment such as, job title, job specification, qualifications, experience, client, location, status (married/single), commencement date, work/leave cycle, duration of contract etc. This form then becomes the basis of a “Potential Job” file that progresses through the various stages of the enquiry to its completion.

2. A Delton Recruitment Department Specialist is then assigned the task of sourcing suitable and available candidates for the position.

3. Detailed Interrogation of Delton’s in-house Recruitment Database and its International “Partner” databases is then undertaken in order to identify and locate qualified candidates.

4. In the event of a unique requirement, by the client, or a lack of suitable available personnel on the Delton Recruitment Database and/or its International Partner organisations, advertising options would be discussed with the client and an agreed advertising campaign would be undertaken.

5. Potential candidates are contacted and short-listed depending on their relevant and specialist knowledge, experience, qualifications, family circumstances, interest in the position and availability.

6. Potential candidates personal references are contacted and academic and professional qualifications are verified.

7. If requested the short-listed candidates particulars are forwarded to the client for review.


Interviews of short-listed candidates are conducted by either Delton’s recruitment specialists, management personnel or by specialised consultants in-house.

Alternatively, client interviews can be arranged either at Delton’s premises or an alternate location of the clients choosing.

Upon documented acceptance of a candidate, by the client, the selected candidate is forwarded a “Letter of Intent” confirming their acceptance and verifying the basic contractual terms and conditions of the assignment.

Once the candidate has accepted the assignment, he is then required to undertake a medical examination, prior to receiving a formal contract of employment and mobilisation.

At this juncture and for Delton and/or Delton managed “Contract Hire” assignments, a “Personnel File” is established and a Delton Employee Relations Assistant is assigned to each individual new employee, for the duration of the assignment.

In the case of “Direct Hire” assignments, once the client and applicant have come to an agreed understanding and Employment Contracts have been exchanged, all relevant correspondence and documentation will be forwarded to the client and the sourcing exercise will be considered complete.


Prior to the mobilization and start date, for “Direct Hires” the Delton Recruitment specialist, or for Delton “Contract Hires” the Delton Employee Relations Assistant, has contact with the new employee in order to assist with all mobilisation travel arrangements including Visas, Work Permits, Air and Land Transportation and Accommodation required for mobilisation to the job location, or site.  The instructions for mobilisation are passed to the individual, as are specific “Do’s and Don’ts” with regard to cultural and legal requirements of the area/country of assignment.