Consultant Team

Andrew Carruthers

Assessor & Internal Verifier Trainer


Experienced Training Consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industry, complimented by many years “hands on” experience within that same industry.

Experienced Competency Assurance Management Systems, (CAMS) developer.  Developed and delivered a range of Assessor and Verifier Training Programmes.  Approved by SQA to authorise the award of Assessor and Verifier Certification.  Experience includes the delivery of competency-based training, assessment and verification of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) programmes, with mentoring and coaching.  Delivered training programmes worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Malaysia, Thailand and China.


Training portfolio includes the smooth hand-over of oil and gas facilities between two major Petrochemical Companies through coordinated on-the-job training, implementation of Competence/Skills Assessment programmes for supervisors and engineers working towards ‘D Unit’  Competency Qualifications for an Abu Dhabi based Oil industry client.  Excellent pass rate in ‘developee/apprentice Training Programmes.  Involved with the development of Assessors, Trainers and Technicians within the Construction and Petrochemical industries, both non-technical and technical personnel, including Zadco, Shell, Petromin Mobil, Texaco, Amoco, Stat Oil, Agip, Petronas and Chevron.

John Gordon


John Gordon has over 50 years’ experience working in the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry. In addition to 40 years with Shell John has worked as an Operations Excellence and Competency Management Consultant in Refineries and Gas Plants in Colombia, Czech Republic, Philippines, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.  As a Lead Consultant for the Delton Group, he works with clients on business solutions that focus on raising capability by developing leadership skills, upgrading or developing learning and competence management systems, and investigating process and safety incidents. John is a qualified Competency Assessor and Verifier.
While working for the major oil company Shell, John spent time in Refinery Operations and Maintenance and was Head of Operations for a Shell UK refinery.
With the consultancy group Shell Global Solutions, John worked, for five years, as the on-site advisor to Operations and Maintenance, HSE and Management for the Operations Excellence program developed for Ecopetrol, Colombia.
John continued his work with Shell Global Solutions as HSE advisor to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation where he developed the Safety Case that was presented to the Nigerian Regulatory Authorities.
Since leaving Shell John has worked with British Gas, Foster Wheeler and Delton on a variety of projects as a HSE, Operations and Competency Management consultant.
John has maintained his links with Ecopetrol and Colombia and as recently as last year worked with Reficar to troubleshoot operating difficulties with the HF Alkylation process.  

Mel Jewkes

Competency Systems Assessor & Verifier & Trainer


Over 25 years in the oil and gas industry in engineering and training capacities. Made a major career change into “full time education and training,” subsequently qualifying as a teacher. A Lecturer in electrical engineering, and in this capacity worked in part with the Curriculum Development Section of the Wirral Metropolitan College UK promoting the then, new NVQ competence based training programmes. This work entailed the implementation of Records of Achievement Portfolios for students.  Returned to industry and held various positions including: Electrical OJT, Electrical Trainer / Assessor, Technical Training Advisor, Engineering and Maintenance Training Co-ordinator and currently as a Competence Assurance and Training Specialist. Delivery of Competency Systems Training

Mike Cunningham


Mike Cunningham brings a career of Shell experience to the Project.  He commenced his working life at one of Shell’s major Refineries and progressed through the oil, LNG, chemicals businesses and Consultancy Services, occupying Supervisory and Managerial Positions and working as a Principal Consultant in the Shell Global Business Improvement Group.
As a Lead Consultant for the Delton Group, he works with clients on business solutions that focus on raising capability by delivering Operations Excellence, developing Leadership Skills, upgrading and/or developing Learning and Competency Management Systems, and delivering a range of interactive workshops that focus on Safe Operations, Safety Leadership and Coaching for Performance.  He is a Qualified Assessor and Train the Trainer.
While working for the major oil Company Shell, he spent time in Operations, Consultancy Services, Business Improvement, Learning, Competency Management, Change Management, and HR (talent, succession, performance planning) activities in several locations around the world.  He also led and managed teams, provided expertise and support to new projects and Brownfield sites, for his Company's strategic third party partners. He was a member of the oil industry working party that wrote the Industry Competency Standards for Operators.  He also developed Competency Management Systems for two Greenfield projects that covered all functions in their organisations.
As a Principal Consultant, he has worked with internal and external clients on business improvement projects in Qatar and Greece (Hellenic Petroleum) designed to deliver multi-million dollar benefits that required programme management, change management support or Subject Matter Expert (SME) interventions (Learning and Competence) and support to build organisational capability.  As Change Manager in Greece his work involved connecting with and building relationships with senior stakeholders in the client organisation to understand and build a case for change, develop and deliver appropriate programmes and interventions. While in Hellenic Petroleum he was also responsible for the development of a Five year training strategy and implementation plan.
His last line position was Senior Manager on a Shell Greenfield Joint Venture project in China; where he was responsible for Learning, Staff Planning, Performance, Competence and Talent Management and all Change Management activities associated with the project.  He was a member of the extended Management Team and worked closely with them to help shape the culture of the staff by developing the Vision, Mission and Values statements for the organisation and design a Company-wide Values and Behaviour programme.

Stephen Harris

Assessor & Internal Verifier Trainer


Thirty eight years’ experience within the Oil and Gas Industry, latterly in a variety of training delivery and training advisory roles on Gas Processing and Conditioning facilities.  A career that began in Shell UK Oil, as an Operator, progressing through Commissioning and Start-up positions on numerous overseas Contracts, through to Senior Technical Trainer/Instructor, Training Coordinator and Training Programme Delivery Consultant.

Experience includes Crude Oil Refining, Offshore Oil and Gas Production, NGL Recovery, LPG extraction and Gas injection, LNG processing and storage, Gas Conditioning and Condensate Recovery

Training experience includes all aspects of Oil and Gas Production/Processing to first appointment trainees to experienced technician cross training, both OJT and classroom based instruction.  Training Coordinator and Consultant responsibilities include advising and development of multi-discipline ‘Competency Based’ training programs and development of train the trainer programs for national employees.  Delivered Assessor Training and coaching/mentoring through to certification

Education and Training
  • HNC Chemical Engineering with Endorsements (degree level)
  • A1 Assessor Award SQA
  • V1 Internal Verifier Award SQA pending
  • SQA approved programme delivery Consultant
  • A Senior Production/Process Specialist, Consultant/Technical Instructor with extensive experience in oil and gas production and processing, both onshore and offshore.
Professional Experience

Developed and delivered ongoing training program for national employees across all disciplines.  Preparation and presentation of in house oil and gas production/process materials, review of operations procedures, implementation and presentation of City & Guilds POL level 3 on-job training and monitoring the training progress and identifying training needs.

Delivery of classroom training followed by on-job field activity to enforce practical application of theory

Barry Kimber


Barry’s entire working career has been spent working with one of the world’s major oil Company, Shell, in its Downstream, Upstream and LNG, businesses occupying both supervisory and managerial positions.  His last position in Shell was as an Organisational Effectiveness Consultant, in their Projects and Technology Performance Improvement and Implementation team (PI&I) working and advising with  many 3rd Party and Joint Venture partners globally.  He works with clients on business solutions that focus on raising the capability of all levels of staff through, amongst others, learning and development processes and competence management systems. This will improve the reliability, availability and safety of an organisation for sustained performance. He follows the 4 D model (Discover, Diagnose, Design, Deliver) to provide robust solutions based on the customers individual needs.
Barry has a Mechanical Engineering background and while working for the major oil Company Shell, he spent time in Maintenance, Operations, learning and development, competence management, change management, and other OE activities (talent management, organisation design,) activities in several locations around the world.  He also led and managed teams, provided expertise and support to new projects and brownfield sites, for his Company's strategic third party partners. As a senior Consultant, he has worked with clients on business improvement projects in many locations including Greece (Hellenic Petroleum), India, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many others, to provide many benefits that required programme management, change management support or subject matter expert (SME) interventions (learning and competence) to support the building of organisational capability.  As the Competence lead in Greece, his work involved connecting with and building relationships with senior stakeholders in the client organisation to understand and build a case for change, develop and deliver appropriate programmes and interventions across their number of refineries to create a common system.
His last line position in Shell was as the Learning and Development Manager at Shell GTL in Qatar where he was responsible for developing the learning and development strategy and then the design and implementation of the learning processes including recruitment, talent management, competence systems and all change management activities associated with the project. He is passionate about safety and was known within Shell as a Safety Champion.

Moustafa Wahba


Summary Expert in Competency Based Approach to Training, development and application of Competency Based Education and Training CBET System in Oil & Gas Industry Subject Matter Expert (SME) in development and implementation of Competency Assurance Management System CAMS for Assessment and Verification for Oil & Gas Industry
Specialist in Training, Assessment and Verification of Engineers, Technicians and Operators working in the fields of Mechanical, Electrical, Control / Instrumentation, Process / Production Engineering in Oil, Gas and Gas Liquefaction Companies Experienced in the design of training courses for enhancement the performance of Training Managers, Trainers / Instructors / Teachers, Master Trainers, Assessors, Observers and Verifiers working in Oil & Gas Industry Education and Training
B.Sc. in Engineering, qualified Assessor & Verifier and well experienced in the development and implementation of Competence Assurance Management Systems (CAMS), Competency Development Frameworks (CDFs), Curriculum, off the Job Technical Courses and On-the-Job Training OJT Programs in Oil & Gas Industry, Youth Development Programs YDP helping youth transition from school to work, self-sufficiency and independent living.
Strengths • Competency Based Approach to Training in Oil & Gas Industry • Competency Based Assessment and Verification of Workforce employed in Oil, Gas and Gas Liquefaction Companies • Competency Based Curriculum, Courses and On-the-Job Training OJT Programs in Oil & Gas Industry • Gap Analysis and Specific Gap Elimination Programs for Closing and Eliminating Gaps for Oil & Gas Industry Employees • Full knowledge of the guidelines and rules for Health, Safety and Environment Protection HSE • Youth Development for efficient Transition from School to Work
Experience Over 40 years’ experience in different sectors of Industry including the following Oil, Gas and Gas Liquefaction Companies 2014 – 2017 Oil & Gas Skills OGS Company - Team Leader – Egypt European Training Foundation (ETF) - Skills Development Expert - MENA Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs - Skills Standards Advisor - Afghanistan Mott McDonald - Needs Analysis Team Lead - Uganda 2012 – 2014 Egyptian Liquefied Natural Gas ELNG – Lead Assessor - Egypt 2011 – 2012 Ministry of Youth and Sports - Youth Employment Skills - Liberia 1979 – 2002 Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company (ADMA-OPCO) - UAE

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