Performance Improvement, Process Advisory and Troubleshooting Support


Location – Cartagena Colombia


A two-phase Initiative

  1. Performance Improvement Program
  2. Technical Consultant Services for Troubleshooting Support on Stabilization and Process Advisory on HF Alkylation Unit

Performance Improvement Programme

This phase focused on preparation, template development and project planning, at Delton’s UK office in the UK, followed by the mobilisation of the Consultants to Colombia to commence the on-site introductions and data collection stages, taking into account both the current Operations Management Standards (OMS) and the HSSE Management Standard.

The following topics were considered:

  1. Planning and Resourcing
  2. Operations Assurance and Readiness in Projects
  3. Safe Systems of Work
  4. Production Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Operations Integrity Management
  7. Logistics Management
  8. Knowledge Management
  9. Assurance

The Area of focus was on four themes, PEOPLE, PROCESS, PLANT and PRODUCTION.

Delton Consultants built a ‘health check’ model template that captured the main areas of concern and focus.

The study considered HSSE from a procedural execution perspective and where Ecopetrol stands, in terms of behavioural based safety and safety leadership.

Benchmark templates were built utilising Ecopetrol KPI’s that have been set for its annual and the 3-5 year business plan and any external bench marking that Ecopetrol has already developed.

Activity Stages:

Preparation – Design of pro forma and data collection template.  Develop performance criteria and descriptions.  Client engagement and outline plan.

Delivery: Home and away team formation, stakeholder engagement, communication and phase 1 launch, health check multiple sites and offices, interviews and observation of work across the organisation (Supervisors, Operators Techs etc.), management system review, KPI reviews, preliminary findings and salient points established.  Findings tested and presented to stakeholders.

Report: The draft Report was prepared, checked and approved by stakeholders.  The Delton Lead Consultant’s presented the findings of the Report to the stakeholders, on-site along with a ‘What next discussion.’  The final Report was subsequently delivered to Ecopetrol.

Detailed On-site Activities:

  • Introduction to Ecopetrol and HSSE Induction
  • Planning Workshop with Innovation and Technology Team
  • Introductory Workshops for Managers/Engineers, Supervisors, Operators, Maintenance, Contractors
  • Data Collection  –  Structured Rounds, Operating Windows, Fundamental Rules, Procedures, Permit to Work, Risk Management, Communication, Management of Plant Change, HSSE incidents and investigation, Maintenance Planning, Preparation for Maintenance, Risk Based Inspection, Data Collection Defect Reporting

Troubleshooting Support on the HF Alkylation Unit

On-site Consultant support to establish, the Root Cause of accelerated corrosion in the overhead system of the debutanizer section of HF Alkylation Unit.  The unit has two heat exchangers (Condensers) operating in parallel, both have presented corrosion after only a few days of operation.

Delton provided ‘Help Desk’ support throughout the Consultancy period by Delton Technical and Process Consultant for discussions or document review related to HF Alkylation Unit.


  • RCA Report: Root causes analysis report for the accelerated corrosion on heat exchangers of the debutanizer section HF Alkylation unit, including troubleshooting and how to implement the recommendations
  • Develop of Best practices for Operating/Engineering integrity on the Units