Egypt LNG

Country: Egypt

Client: Egyptian Operating Company for Natural Gas Liquefaction (ELNG)

Location: Idku, Beheira, Near Alexandria, Egypt.

Services Provided: Provision of qualified and experienced Workplace Assessors and Internal Verifiers to assist with the implementation of a customised Competency Assurance Management System.  Delivery of on-site Workplace Assessor & Internal Verifier Training Courses to International Awarding Body Standards.  Remote Training of Assessor & Internal Verifiers to L&D9DI & L&D11 to Certificate qualification.  Provision of monthly External QA/QC Support to Audit Assessments Conducted by ELNG Assessors and Internal Verifiers.

Delton has provided CAMS related Services to Egyptian LNG since early 2012, initially through its Agreement with BG International Limited (BG) to provide Professional and Consultancy Services to its BG worldwide Assets.

Commencing early 2012 a Delton Workplace Assessor and Internal Verifier Team of eight discipline SME’s  mobilised to ELNG to assist with the implementation of a customised Competency Assurance Management System (CAMS).  The team assessed and verified the competency of the entire existing ELNG Maintenance and Operations Technician level labour force, in order to establish the current competence levels and to help plan for future gap training interventions.

Delton has since provided Training & Coaching services for numerous tranches of ELNG candidate Assessors and IQA Internal Verifiers, progressing them through to SQA L&D9DI Assessor and L&D11 Internal Verifier Certification.  The training and coaching services continue as ELNG identify the need for additional assessors and verifiers to be trained.

Since 2016 Delton has also provided monthly QA/QC Support Services to ELNG, selecting and QA/QC auditing a 10% sample of all assessments conducted by ELNG Assessors each month.  The Delton QA/QC Auditor compiles an ELNG Verification Monthly Report findings, issued to ELNG CAMS Manager.  The Report shows statistical information on the total assessments completed, total QA’s, evidence of planning, evidence  of feedback, methods used, VARCS, decision criteria etcetera and he also issues an updated comprehensive calendar month status report throughout the ELNG/Delton Contract period

All of the training and Services delivered by Delton to ELNG and the certification gained by the candidate Assessors and Internal Verifiers are conducted in line with international Awarding Body (SQA) compliance procedures and Standards and are recognised by the Industry Body (OPITO).