Abu Dhabi

Provision of Assessor, CAS and Verifier Courses

Provision of 2 and 3 day Assessor, CAS and Verifier courses to GASCO personnel. 

Delton Training Services Ltd provides world-class training, assessor and quality assurance (verification) personnel that are appropriately qualified and have extensive global experience in the Oil & Gas industry.

Delton Training Services Ltd is very proud of its highly successful 14 year track record of delivering competency-based technician training and assessment programmes for the ADNOC group of companies in Abu Dhabi.

Delton Training Services Ltd is also active and very well established in other GCC countries in the Middle East, with on-going projects in Oman and Qatar.

Additionally, Delton Training Services Ltd is actively delivering competency-based training and assessment at VQ level 3, to technicians working for major IOCs in Egypt, Nigeria and most recently a competency-based training and assessment contract with Shell, Gabon.

Delton Training Services is currently an SQA fully accredited assessment centre.  The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA), who work very closely with OPITO and the North Sea Oil Industry.

Although GASCO candidates will not be undertaking an accredited qualification, as part of the scope of work, Delton Training Services will nevertheless deliver the Internal Verifier course to SQA standards, as a quality measure.

This training and development programme will deliver a non-accredited 2 x day course that is modelled on the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) ‘Internally Monitor & Maintain the Quality of Workplace Assessments’ qualification for GASCO experienced assessors working in non-technical functions.

Delton Training Services specialist trainers will coach and mentor the GASCO assessor-candidates, as part of the competency assessor course.

The first task for each assessor-candidate following participation of this 3 day course is to prepare and present an introduction to competency-based assessment – ‘what it is’ and also ‘what it is not’ with his/her team of candidates from relevant technical trade-disciplines, therefore ensuring that each candidate within the assessor-candidate’s team thoroughly grasps and understands the concept of competency-based assessment.

Therefore, from the outset, each GASCO candidate undertaking competency-based training will understand the rationale and philosophy underpinning competency-based training and assessment.  This enables them to embed their skills and apply to their working practises, thereby carrying out the duties and tasks required of their job role.