Country:         Nigeria

Client:             Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) through Petroconsult Energy company Ltd

Location:       Lagos, Nigeria

 Services Provided:

Competency Assessor Training – 5 Day Workshop


Delton were approached by Petroconsult Energy Company Ltd. to engage our training services for a ‘train the assessor’ programme. They required an external facilitator to deliver the Training.

 Delton Scope of Services

5 Day Assessor Workshop for those who assess and measure behavioural, leadership and other attributes, functional knowledge and skills of people through all stages of the employment life cycle, to ensure the integrity of business operations and satisfy applicable legislation.

By the end of the workshop participants were able to describe, state or demonstrate:

  • The concepts and principles of evidence based assessment process
  • The four stages of the assessment process
  • The uses, benefits and limitations of a range of direct and indirect assessment methods
  • The purpose and value of feedback throughout the assessment cycle
  • How to deliver constructive feedback and manage conflict and disputes
  • How to develop and implement a standard approach to assessment in an organisation
  • Legal requirements that impact on the assessment process
  • How to carry out an assessment using direct and indirect methods of assessment