Baseline Assessment, Skill Gap Analysis and CMS development


Location – Kazakhstan Head Office and Production Sites at Aktau, Tasbulat and Komsomol


Delton was contracted by OMV PETROM Kazakhstan to conduct a ‘Baseline Assessment’ and ‘Skill Gap Analysis’ of Operations & Maintenance Personnel, provide on-site training, Develop and install a dedicated  Competency Management System (CMS) and support at the Tasbulat and Komsomol Production facilities.

The following was Delton’s Execution Plan for the project


Scope of work – Training

With information provided by OMV, including a Training Summary and a Training Projection Matrix, Delton’s Training Scope of Work was broken down into a number of training intervention areas based on job positions and training needs identified during the Baseline Assessment study:

Training of Managers, Superintendents, Supervisors, Engineers, Team Leaders and Advisors

The success of the initiative relied upon the personnel occupying the above positions ‘buying in’ to the initiative and their competence to drive forward the training programme.  It was incumbent upon Delton to deliver appropriate underpinning knowledge, specific skills and ‘best practice’ training in order to ensure this ‘buy-in’ and to raise the individual competencies of the said personnel.

The Training Courses Delivered to the above job positions included:

  • Frontline Operations Supervisor (FLS) Role
  • Train-The-Trainer
  • Workplace Assessor & Verifier
  • Safety Leadership
  • Delivering Safe Operations

On-Job Training of Operations and Maintenance Technician level Personnel

Operations and Maintenance teams (instruments, electrical, mechanical and production operations) are the backbone of the production delivery targets and therefore require the skills and knowledge to perform their tasks to the highest standards of performance.

A requirement for structured on-the-job coaching and training was identified, which required Delton to source suitably qualified Russian/Kazakh speaking instructors and workplace coaches to work with the field technicians, utilising Technicians Job Descriptions, Task Books and Competence Profiles to record the progress of the individuals.

On-the-Job coaching and instruction.  OMV requested Delton to commence a basic On-the-Job coaching and instruction programme, across all four disciplines.  Delton sourced and mobilised a team of four Russian speaking, discipline OJT Instructors (instruments/electrical/mechanical/production).

Specific Training for all levels of staff and employee positions

Specific mandatory Republic of Kazakhstan (ROK) State Training interventions, e-Learning, Open Learning packages, Vendor Equipment and other specific skills training was identified for all levels of personnel.  Included were Working at Heights, Lifting, slinging, inspection and a variety of other training interventions, all ‘bought in’ programmes.


OMV PETROM dedicated Competency Management System (CMS)

 Scope of Work

The ‘Competence’ of an ‘Operations’ team is paramount to the success of that ‘Operation’ and a Company Competency Guideline, supported by the senior executives, aligned with the core values of the Company, results in the development of an accepted ‘Competency Culture’ throughout the Company.

OMV contracted Delton to develop, install and support an OMV Kazakhstan Company dedicated Competency Management System (CMS).

Delton has extensive experience in developing, establishing and supporting bespoke client specific Competency Management Systems (CMS) for organisations, through a model of first identifying ‘Safety Critical Tasks for all Operations, Maintenance and support Job positions and establishing Competency Standards against which competency can be measured.

Delton’s approach to producing a full CAMS Framework for OMV Kazakhstan included:

  • Developing Competence and Training Guidelines
  • Identifying and Mapping Safety Critical Tasks to job positions
  • Developing Knowledge and Capability Assessment documents
  • Developing Units of competence around workplace activities
  • Training of OMV Assessors and Internal Verifiers
  • Specifying and populating training and competence databases
  • Gaining accreditation of the CMS with recognised International Awarding Body