Qatar – Doha and Ras Laffan

RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) is one of the world’s premier integrated liquefied natural gas (LNG) enterprises and has an enviable reputation for being a safe and reliable supplier of LNG that has transformed a regional resource into a key component of the global energy mix. RasGas manages and operates seven LNG trains, two sales gas production facilities, two helium plants as well as a long-term charter fleet of 27 LNG tankers.The company also manages the construction of the Barzan Gas Project which will fuel major development in Qatar and further RasGas’ contribution to all four pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

Senior Manpower Supply Contract

In October 2016, Delton and its local partner in Qatar were awarded the main Senior Manpower Supply contract with RasGas.  The contract duration is 5 years plus the option to extend for a further 2 years.  The contract consists of around 250 different Senior Technical Positions.

Procedure Writer Contract

In 2004, Delton and its local partner in Qatar were awarded a 3 year Technical Procedure Writer contract with RasGas.  A call off style contract was entered into and upwards of 30 personnel were employed on this project.  The contract has since been extended and re-tendered several times, with Delton being lucky enough to secure the contract until 2017.

During this time the Delton Procedure Writer Specialists wrote and updated thousands of procedures for new LNG trains, helium plants and the Barzan project.

Senior Operations Manpower Supply Contract

In 2010, Delton its local partner in Qatar were awarded a 5 year contract to supply Senior Technical staff to the RasGas Operations Department.  The contract was then extended for a further period.

Delton provided whole contract teams to various departments within the RasGas operations group.