Shell Nigeria (SPDC)

Client: Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC)

Location: Port Harcourt & Warri Field Operations

Project: The Iriama Project

Services Provided: Competency Assessment, Internal Verification & On-Job Training of SPDC Operations and Maintenance Technicians


Following a major incident during 2008 post-Investigation identified skill gaps in the labour force that urgently needed to be closed in order to improve the skills and competence levels of the labour force.  Shell International Consultancy Division, ‘Shell Global Solutions International’ (SGSI) was awarded a contract by SPDC to provide and manage a suitably qualified and experienced team of specialists and in turn Delton Training Services Ltd (DTS) was awarded a contract by SGSI to provide the entire team of Assessors, Internal Verifiers and On-Job-Trainers to deliver the services to SPDC.  Mobilisation commenced during quarter four 2009.

Delton Scope of Work

  • Provide single point contact to carry out day-to-day management of the personnel reporting to the SGSI appointed Program Manager. On site management responsible and City & Guilds administration to be handled by the Delton Lead in conjunction with the SGSI Programme Manager and SPDC Competency and Training management team
  • Provide 10 Assessors and 4 work place trainers who will complement the SPDC work place assessors and trainers in Electrical, Instrument, Mechanical and Production Operations disciplines. The team to be located at Port Harcourt and Warri sites
  • Assessors comprised 5 Operations, 2 Mechanical, 2 Instrument and 1 Electrical with a minimum number of two (preferably more) per discipline having Internal Verifier qualifications. The Trainers also acted as Assessors, when required
  • The Trainers comprised one each from the 4 disciplines of Operations, Mechanical, Instrumentation and Electrical with experience of delivering HSE aspects of their discipline e.g. PTW, Gas Testing, Electrical and Instrumentation classification etc.
  • Training was focused on the SPDC Technicians following the City & Guilds 8510 series and gaining C&G qualification

The 14 assessors were primarily field based to conduct site workplace assessments of field employees both Operations and Maintenance and carry out OJT remedial training, where required, for Field Staff (Operations and Technicians).

The team’s remit was to transfer assessor competencies to SPDC personnel within an agreed time frame.  The SPDC existing and newly trained Assessors received ongoing training and coaching for around 18 – 24 months following the initial training.

In total over 600 SPDC candidates were assessed and trained by the Delton Assessors/Verifiers and Trainers, supported by local SPDC Assessors.

The Contract was ongoing until December 2014, when the initiative was transferred to the SPDC, Delton trained, team of Assessors and On-Job-Trainers