Country:         Kurdistan Region of Iraq

Client:             TAQA

Location:        Erbil, Iraq

Services Provided:

Front Line Leader Foundation Programme – Two Four day Workshops


TAQA approached Delton to Deliver the Front Line Leadership Foundation programme.  It is a blended learning programme, with pre and post workshop activities that are designed to prepare participants for their development as a leader in the TAQA organisation, in what is a potentially high risk and complex business.

Delton Scope of Services

  • The pre-workshop phase
  • Complete a leadership style assessment
  • Read material on situational and action centred leadership
  • Consider their experiences and analyse what good leadership looks like
  • Identify the challenges connected to leading and supervising a team
  • The four-day workshop aims to build on pre-work of the participants to develop an aligned view of what Leadership Excellence looks like and how it focuses on delivering best practice in several areas in order to deliver results day in and day out, in order to achieve business success and meet stakeholder expectations.
  • The programme works through practical day to day “front line” challenges and managing the challenge of getting the best from team members that need to work together and fully understand the importance of improving performance through people, and having effective standards and procedures to support operational excellence.
  • Back at Work Tasks (BAWT’s) Participants to complete the agreed BAWTs that are connected to their development as a leader with those associated with delivering results through the application of best practices and associated to the specific competences of their role.