Delton deliver the SQA L&D9DI Assessor Training programme to Addax Petroleum on site in Nigeria

Delton deliver the SQA L&D9DI Assessor Training programme to Addax Petroleum on site in Nigeria

Delton were approached by Addax Petroleum Nigeria regarding Assessor Training Programmes for their operations in Nigeria.

Addax Petroleum was established in 1994 and since August 2009 has been a subsidiary of the Sinopec Group, one of the largest oil and gas producers in China, the biggest oil refiner in Asia and the third largest worldwide.  Addax Petroleum was an international gas and oil production and exploration company mainly focused on the Middle East, the North Sea and Africa. Since 1994, the company become one of the largest oil producers in West Africa.

Assessor Qualification Training programme – L&D9DI Assessing Workplace Competence Using Direct and Indirect Methods

 Assessor Course: Days 1 – 5 – Classroom-Based

 The 5-day assessor practitioner course addressed the rationale, philosophy and reasoning behind the following areas of the assessment process:-

  • Understanding competency
  • Enables ADDAX PETROLEUM technician-candidates to formulate candidate assessment plans
  • Ability to assess a candidate to the standards
  • Formulating assessment plans
  • Assessing using differing forms of evidence
  • Recognising differing forms of evidence with the technician-candidate in the workplace
  • Making judgments against performance criteria
  • Giving feedback to candidates
  • Structuring a portfolio of evidence
  • Examination/written Knowledge Test

On completion of the course, candidates were awarded with ‘Certificate of In addition to this, a Course Report was prepared which formed part of the attendees ‘Portfolio of Evidence’ for the next stage.

 Assessor Coaching:  Between 28 – 84 Days (practical application on-site)

 These days will be spent working with the ADDAX PETROLEUM assessor-candidates, putting the learning and skills acquired over the first 5 day Workshop into practice.

The following is a summary of the learning objectives:-

  • Registration of assessor-candidates with SQA (Delton Group accredited centre)
  • Verify (if applicable), that technician-candidate registration has taken place – requirement to ensure authenticity of assessment practices (assessor-candidates)
  • Identify and assign (in close collaboration with ADDAX PETROLEUM), technician-candidates for each assessor (minimum of 2 candidates required)
  • Assessor-candidates to commence the assessment process with their assigned technician candidates – to include: ‘an introduction to assessment’, the standards, how to compile a portfolio of assessment.
  • Assessor’s role in coaching the technician-candidate in their understanding of how to compile or construct a portfolio of evidence.
  • Design and build a peer support network, thereby maximising the existing assessor skills within ADDAX PETROLEUM (to include pre-agreed learning and development tutorials, ‘standardisation meetings’ through a robust communication framework with Delton Specialists, whilst in UK.)

There must be valid, authentic, reliable, current and sufficient (VARCS) evidence for all the assessment criteria.  Holistic assessment is encouraged and one piece of evidence may be used to meet the requirements of more than one learning outcome or assessment criterion.  There must be evidence of the candidate assessor carrying out at least two assessments of two learners’ occupational competence (four assessments in total).

The portfolio of Evidence submitted by each candidate for the L&D9DI Unit will be assessed by DTS Assessor/Coach. Assessment means that assessors are responsible for deciding how candidates have performed against the standards for the qualification. We do this by using either assessment tasks that they have devised themselves, or assessments that SQA has devised. These assessment decisions are then Internally Verified by DTS then externally verified by SQA.