Delton offer Remote/Online Training for the L&D9DI and L&D11 Assessor and Verifier Qualifications

Delton offer Remote/Online Training for the L&D9DI and L&D11 Assessor and Verifier Qualifications

Remote Training/Online Learning

Delton offer Remote/Online Training for the L&D9DI  and L&D11 Qualifications.

Delton believe that your assessors need to be trained on your assessment process if you want them to be able to apply this effectively back in the workplace.

Delton ensure your assessors understand what the company needs in order to achieve its objectives and where their role fits in with this process. This helps create better assessors who are more committed to the task, leading to an increase in the number of assessments completed to the required standard.

Internal verification/internal quality assurance is an important part of your competency management system. It is a process that you put in place to ensure that all your assessors are assessing in the same way and to the same standard.

Your internal verifiers/internal quality assurers will need to know what is expected of them by your organisation as well as understanding what is involved in internal verification.

Delton can help you with introductory training for your internal verifiers through to full qualifications.

This involves the provision of an online training process which includes the completion of formal knowledge assignments and online modules.

Following completion of the online modules, the learner completes the necessary work to generate the evidence required by the qualification back in their workplace.  This includes the completion of two candidate reports and a Knowledge Assignment in accordance with the Awarding Body Standards (SQA – L&D9DI or L&D11 qualifications accordingly).

Delton allocate each Assessor or Internal Verifier candidate a Delton consultant who works closely with the learner. We build in a series of live webinar or on demand webinars to support the learning process. Client reporting is built in as standard so you can keep track of progress.

The duration of the programme can be organised to suit your requirements and we can facilitate the completion of this over a short or longer period of time.

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