Delton SQA EV Qualifications Verification Compliance Audit

Delton SQA EV Qualifications Verification Compliance Audit

Delton SQA EV Qualifications Verification Compliance Audit

Delton, as a SQA Qualification Awarding Centre, is subject to regular audits by the SQA External Verifier Team; during April 2019 Delton were audited by the SQA Senior External Qualifications Verifier to confirm that we still meet the standards set by L&D9, L&D9DI and LD11 for qualifying Assessors and Verifiers.

A range of candidate portfolios, from clients and individual candidates worldwide, were selected for audit, both for Workplace Assessor Qualification and IQA Verifier Qualification.

The audit was, as normal, rigorous and we are delighted to advise that the ensuing SQA Visit Report confirmed that Delton has again received the highest ratings possible for its Resources, Candidate Support and Maintenance of SQA standards, which not only meet the evidential standards but also follow SQA guidelines for preparation, planning, training, coaching and guiding candidates through their qualification journey.

The EV audit results are presented in the well-known ‘traffic light’ format and Delton received the green light in all categories, in fact ‘gold star’ status!

During the Senior EV visit we shared Delton’s unique and successful “road map” algorithmic process approach to delivering Online Training & Coaching of client’s and individual Assessor candidates, which demonstrates Delton’s commitment, to Awarding Body (SQA) and Industry Bodies Corporate Values.  The Delton ‘road map’ follows the SQA Corporate Values of:

  • Trust – We follow agreed procedures and are open and honest in our communications
  • Progressive – We view new and unfamiliar approaches with an open mind, whilst ensuring quality is maintained
  • Enabling – We work in partnership with the candidate and Awarding Body to achieve common goals of excellence and consistency

Delton’s approach delivers current ‘best practice’ relating to CPD (Continuing Professional Development), ensuring both Assessors and Verifiers maintain CPD records, now a requirement for Assessor and Verifier candidates to present evidence of CPD for their portfolios and that existing assessors and verifiers maintain their qualification validity by maintaining CPD records, of which the steps are:

  • Identify what you need to know or do to keep your practice up to date
  • Explore current levels of performance
  • Plan for CPD requirements
  • Record CPD to date, and identify any further actions

Delton is delighted to advise our past, current and potential clients of its ‘green light’ status for training to internationally recognised certification of Assessors and verifiers, which is further testament to the hundreds of candidates that Delton has already trained and coached to Certification over a period of more than 10 years.

We would be pleased to hear from both clients and/or individuals who are interested in achieving these qualifications, via the below response Form.