The Delton Group (Delton), Sycamore Lingo & ICAL Strategic Collaborative Alliance

The Delton Group (Delton), Sycamore Lingo & ICAL Strategic Collaborative Alliance



The Delton Group (Delton), Sycamore Lingo & ICAL Strategic Collaborative Alliance


Delton, Sycamore Lingo (SL), UK, and the International Center for Accelerative Learning (ICAL), USA, already enjoying a fruitful relationship, have now embarked on a collaborative alliance, sharing their respective resources and capabilities to jointly market, develop and deliver Innovative Language Training Solutions to industry and education clients worldwide by way of their unique Accelerative Learning Techniques, through online and distance language training programmes.

Both SL and ICAL already have much experience in the development and delivery of such programmes, whilst Delton has the industry recognised capability and experience of working with clients to link language training with related technical, management and development training, thus providing a complete ‘competency-based training package solutions.’

To accelerate the success of ‘on the job’ performance, the alliance has revised how online learning may be offered, in three formats listed below:

  • Online/Distance
  • Blended Hybrid
  • Face-to-Face ( F2F)

Current global challenges require new delivery techniques and the use of communication media such as ZOOM, MS TEAMS and others.  The alliance has developed solutions to meet these challenges.  English for Special Purposes combined with Technical and Development Training need to be delivered by competent trainers; the alliance has experts in delivering those skills, and we accelerate the process.

Our collaborative alliance offers a unique training system that is an ‘Accelerator.’  It increases workplace capability and skills and develops dual language literacy in a shortened time, both are critical for success.  The combined experience and resources of the alliance offer clients a ‘one stop shop’ solutions to their training needs, utilising the alliance’s home and worldwide regional offices and partnerships.

Collectively, the members of the alliance have served clients for over 30 years in more than 30 countries and have impacted many thousands of learners worldwide.  However, this new approach provides an alternative: ‘A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM.